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Fraudulent Email

Occasionally the tig platform is subject to operational scams which try to deceive users. Tig is active in its attempts to irradiate such instances but urges users to be vigilant when trading and to report any suspicious or fraudulent activity. This page highlights potential scams and how to avoid them.

Fraudsters may be after free products, they may ask the seller to pay the courier on their behalf, for instance, after already sending a cheque to cover the item and postage, or they may try to use some other ruse to part customers with their money.  Cheques commonly turn out to be forged or stolen and the sellers will be liable for the money, even if the cheque has already cleared.

The current advice to sellers from Action Fraud (the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre) is:

  • Be wary of people offering to pay by cheque.
  • Do not accept payment for a higher amount and refund the difference, whatever excuse the buyer gives.
  • Check that buyers have a local address or telephone number and avoid sending goods abroad.
  • If you should fall victim of this type of fraud then unfortunately, there is no real prospect of having your goods or money returned.  You may also be targeted with further frauds and identity theft so be wary of this and check your credit history regularly, challenging any discrepancies.
  • Victims of scams should report the details to Guernsey Trading Standards, Guernsey Police or to Action Fraud using the contact details below. All evidence should be kept including cheque receipts, paperwork and all contact with the scammer(s) should be ceased. Be aware of anyone purporting to be from a government body claiming that they are able to get you a refund as this is another common scam.

Contact Details

Guernsey Trading Standards Trading Standards Service
Commerce & Employment
P.O.Box 459, Raymond Falla House
Longue Rue, St Martins, GY1 6AF

Tel: +44 1481 234567
Fax: +44 1481 235015

Guernsey Police
Police Headquarters
Hospital Lane, St Peter Port

Tel: +44 1481 725111

Action Fraud

Tel: 0300 123 2040


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