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Information for Sellers

The price of your listing is dependent on the category you choose.  Category prices are as follows; Home and Family £2 per item (excluding property which is £5).  Leisure £2 per item.  Electronics £2 per item.  Vehicles £5 per item.


If you want other people to see items you have for sale, you need to create a listing.  It’s really straightforward, we’ll have you up and selling in no time!

To create a listing, sign in to your account by clicking the ‘Sign In’ button in the top right hand side of this page.

Once you have signed in, you will be taken to the My Account page.

On the left hand side, click, create a listing.


You will be asked to choose the category which best applies to your item.
A set of sub-categories will appear, click the one which best applies to your item.  This will help buyers much more easily find your item!

(Is your category not listed?  Send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you!)

You will be presented with a confirmation of your category selection and the price of your listing. (Some categories differ in price, please make sure you check this information before continuing).

Listing Title

When you have pressed continue, you will be asked for a Listing Title.  This should be the name of the item you are selling.

Press continue to name your listing, you can always change it later if it’s not right!

Listing Description

Buyers will want some more information on your item, the Listing Description page give you an opportunity to do just that!

The Short Introduction area is for you to provide buyers with a quick overview of your item, this will help them choose your item on the listing page!

The Full Description is where you should write as much information you feel the buyer will need.  Many items descriptions include things such as; the items condition (new/used/seen better days), it’s age, special attributes.

Once you are happy with your descriptions, press continue.  You can always change it later if you notice a mistake.

Image Upload

This will take you to the image page.  If you have a photograph of your item, you can upload it from your computer to Tig and buyers will be able to see your item before they contact you.  (You could place the image on your computer to your desktop, it will make it easier to find!)

To upload an image, click the picture above Image 1 and a window will open.

Scroll down slightly and you should see a button labeled ‘Browse’.  When you click this button, you will be asked to locate the image on your computer.  (If you placed the image on your desktop, there will be a shortcut on the left hand side of the Browse window.  Click it and find your image!).

Click on your image and then click open.  The screen will pause for a few moments while your image uploads to Tig.  (Be patient, some larger files may take up to a few minutes to upload.)

Once your image is uploaded, you will see it as it will appear on Tig.  You now have the option to crop or rotate your image if you it is not quite right.

When you’re happy with your image, click the save button to to confirm you wish to use this image for your listing.

If you want to use multiple images for your listing, click the image above Image 2, 3 etc.

You can have up to four images for one listing, make sure their good quality and clearly represent your item to attract more buyers!

When you have all your images uploaded, click the continue button.

Listing Price

Here you can set a price for your item.  Make sure you are clear what the buyer will pay.

You can provide further notes: Open to Offers, Free to take away, £10 for item 1, £15 for item 2 etc.

Once you are happy, press continue.

Listing Upgrades

Here you have the option for your listing to be featured in our newsletter or on the front-page.

Both options give your item a much higher exposure.

Our newsletter goes out every month? to every registered Tig member.  You item will land straight into their email inbox as part of our newsletter, give it a huge chance to be seen by the right person!

If you want everyone who visits the site to see your listing, the best way is to feature it on the front page!  Your item will appear on the front page for as long as it take you to sell your item.  This is a brilliant way to sell your item quickly!

if you want to list your items on Facebook you can also select this option.

You can choose one, two or all options, their respective prices will be added to your checkout value.

Press continue when you are happy with your selections.

Listing Contact Options

Here you can choose what details buyers will see on your listing, and how best to contact you.

When you happy with how buyers can contact you, click continue.

Listing Preview

You are now shown a full preview of your listing.  All the information you entered on the previous pages appears here for you to review and ensure everything is correct and you are happy with your items listing.

If you need to make a change, press the edit button.  You will be taken back to the first page, but all your information will be completed as you press continue.  You just need to stop on the page where the change is to be made.

When you’re happy with your listing, you can press the Save Listing button to save all your items information.  (You are still able to come back later and edit your listing at a later date if you need to.)

Listing Complete

If you want to make listings for multiple items and pay for them all together, press the create another listing button and follow the steps above.

If you are ready to pay for your listing and have it appear to buyers on Tig, press the Continue to Purchase Listing button.

My Listings

You should now see the My Listings page.  Any saved or new listings you have which are unpaid appear here.  Click the check boxes on the right hand side to choose which listings you wish to pay for.  Click the Purchase Selected Listings button when you are ready.

Payment Review

You will now see a full summary of the listings you wish to purchase, and any upgrades you selected.  When you are happy this information is correct, press the Continue to Payment button.

Payment Page

Now you are on the payment page, you will need to select your desired method of payment.

If you are paying by card, you will need to enter the details required as they appear exactly on your card.  Once you have entered this information, click the Make Payment button and your transaction will be authorised by your card vendor.

If you are paying by PayPal, you will need to log into your PayPal account when prompted and follow PayPal’s instructions to complete the transaction.

Payment Complete

Once your payment is successful, you listing will become live and visible to buyers on Tig!

Congratulations!  You just made your first foray into the world of buying and selling on Guernsey with Tig!


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